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Howdy Dumb Little Man Readers!

I can’t help but smile when I say that. That’s just a funny name :-)

I’ve learned quite a bit by reading Dumb Little Man and I’m sure you have too. I’m incredibly privileged to be able to contribute Jay’s amazing team of writers and influencers. I’m assuming that my post struck a chord with you. That’s why your here, right? To find out a little bit more about who I am and how I’ll guide you in your entrepreneurial pursuits.

You can find out more about me here, but most of my time is spent building my business and chilling with my wife and two girls.

And I’d like to help you do the same. So here are some easy ways for you to get started growing your business and putting all those brain cells of yours to work:

  • Sign up for the Freedom Tips Newsletter and get access to the Action Library (it’s in that box at top right hand corner of the sidebar. Go ahead, look at it. Yep, that’s the one). If you want to build a business to support you without being trapped in it for 20 hours a day missing your family, sign up.
  • The Add To Cart Manifesto. If ecommerce is your thing, I’ve put together this manifesto for beginners and those that already have a store up and running. It’s a must have that covers all the cornerstone elements of a truly successful online store (It’s easier than you think) and it includes an always growing list of must have tools.
  • Workshops - Check out the workshops that we created to give you the easy to digest, actionable steps to get to where you want to be and more.
  • Follow me on Twitter – I’m pretty easy to find there. I go by @AndyFogarty. Pretty original, huh? I wish I could say I came up with it :-)
  • Subscribe to this blog via the RSS. Just click here and you’ll be all set. It’s that easy.
  • Leave a comment below. It’s always awesome to hear back from readers. Other than giving me a big head :-P It lets me know exactly what business and freedom building topics you want me to cover for you.

Thanks for being a reader and don’t forget the reasons why you started on this crazy entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s to your FREEDOM.


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Loving the Bike

Hi Andy, I read the post you contributed to Dumb Little Man and really liked it so I wanted to drop by your site and say Hi.

I’m a Dad who definitely puts my Family before work and it’s great to see you doing the same and promoting it.




Andy Fogarty
Twitter: @AndyFogarty

Welcome Darryl! It’s always great to have more awesome dads like you around. Thanks


quintin coleman

Great article on DLM. I love the points made, but I don’t like the point of setting a certain time to stop working, unless you leave it open to come back to it after the family is put to bed. I am a night owl and love to do things after putting the kids to bed.


Andy Fogarty
Twitter: @AndyFogarty

Thanks Quintin. I totally understand being a night owl. Both my wife and I get a ton of stuff done late at night after the kids are down. It’s a little different for us though. We both still get a lot of stuff done after hours, but we do it together. The important thing is, no matter how you achieve it, is to make sure the time your spending with your other half is time that they appreciate. If my wife felt that I was blowing her off to do more work all the time, I would definitely change that.

If you have a system that works great for you, that awesome. Stick with it :-)

Thanks for your comment Quintin!


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