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What To Do When You’re Broke, Scared, & Feel Like You’re Going Nowhere

When we see a hamster running a marathon in his little wheel, we can’t help but think how pointless it is for him to be working so hard to get nowhere. We shake our heads. We laugh. It’s entertaining and sad at the same time.

Are you working countless hours and getting nowhere just like the marathon wheel-running hamster?

But everything needs to get done…

The perils of building an online business:

  • So much to learn
  • So much to do
  • No money to pay someone else to do it
  • No money to pay myself to do it
  • What if it’s not right?
  • What if they find out I don’t know every answer?
  • What if they find out I’m scared shitless?
  • What if I’m using the wrong tools?
  • What if I miss reading a blog post that could change everything for me?
  • What if my other ideas are the ones I should work on?


When you’re the solopreneur you wear ALL the hats. You’re going to get overwhelmed and stuck more than once. It comes with the territory. But when you add the many other responsibilities you have with raising and caring for your family, that overwhelming feeling is magnified by ten. That feeling can quickly turn into fear and soon you’re too scared to do anything at all.

What to do when you’re scared

We’re funny creatures. We trust our emotions more than we trust reality. When a few things go wrong we magnify those negative feelings in our heads and decide that those will always be the end result, even if they have no basis in the real world.

We fail a couple of times and we decide we’re a failure. We start on goals only to stop shortly after and we decide that we have no willpower. We decide that these things are real because that’s how we feel.


The problem is… our feelings are wrong.

Just because you’ve messed up a few times (or more) in the past doesn’t mean that everything you do in the future is going to be doomed to failure. Unless, of course, you have a voodoo spell that’s been put over everything you do – could be, eh? I doubt it. That’s just your emotions clouding the reality of what you can really do. No one is preventing you from taking action and moving forward on your goals.

Unfortunately, when we’re scared, we look for “easy button” ways to avoid the fear. This is when it’s easy to fall prey to those push button systems and courses that promise you the semi-instant formula to success. They do nothing but drain your wallet and confidence and they don’t work because they didn’t address the real problem – giving in to your emotional feelings.

The truth is, you don’t need a course or system to change. You can do that all by yourself without spending a dime. It just takes a consistent work on your part and the unwavering desire to want to change. Only then will you truly begin to thrive.

This is where most people give up and decide that can’t change, but that’s a load of crap. Those folks have already decided that the extra work is too hard and therefore they are unable to change.  You’ll have to actually work if you want to grow.

The question is… Do you want to grow?

Do you really want to grow?

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Twitter: @AngelaGiese

Thank you for this post. It’s exactly what I needed to read. I’m at that lost/scared part of starting a business and I needed a little pep talk. A few failures and you start second guessing yourself and your good intentions for your business. Thanks for helping me back up on my feet.


Andy Fogarty
Twitter: @AndyFogarty

Hey Angela,

Just remember that you are not your failures. But you are stronger because of what you’ve learned from them.

Keep those feet moving ;-)


Peter Shallard - The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

I arrived at this post because I was excited to see your spray-painted hamster…. but this post was better!

Great message and one that entrepreneurs always need to hear – don’t take an “easy” route that someone else offers you… find your own path and work hard at it!


Andy Fogarty
Twitter: @AndyFogarty

Hey Peter, It’s always nice to see you around these parts.

I think I’m going to look for an actual spray painted hamster pic now :-)


Dean Saliba
Twitter: @indblog

Awesome post. I’ve been blogging for three years and find that I often need to read posts like this. I’d love to see a post about how to handle lack of motivation. :)


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