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My Kick Ass #FollowFriday Peeps For This Week

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If you missed out on what actually started this whole Follow Friday posting instead of Tweeting madness, you might want to start here. I’ll wait.

Done? Ok, let’s move on to the Follow Friday goodness.

Smokin Twitter like every day, yo.


Jade is definitely someone you want to know. Besides the fact that she’s just a super nice chicky and her birthday is May 26, she also just gained the official title of OMG to Dave Navarro. Not the rock star guy, the cool guy. Being that she’s just a little bit of a Twitter junkie, OMG fits her well. She’s an influence to influencers and she’ll help you get on the radar of the people you want. She recently just revamped her blog and she’s starting to do some really cool stuff over there.


So I literally stumbled across Tyler yesterday when I saw a tweet about Advanced Riskology. I thought to myself, “What the crap is riscology?” so I clicked on through. What I found was very cool and I honestly thought Tyler was my long lost brother (Disclaimer: He is not my long lost brother… I think). 2 things really caught my attention with AR.

  1. I love that fact that it’s all about embracing/conquering your fears and using them to plow ahead to live a happier life.
  2. The current mustache he’s rock’n would make him the perfect Frank Fisticuffs (my latest project)

Can you see the resemblance? Uncanny, no?

I’ll definitely be continuing to stalk Tyler as you should too.


Here’s the thing about Jonathan or JF as I like to call him. Not really, but I would if I ever met him in person and he didn’t smack me across the forehead for calling him that. There’s many reasons to follow Mr. Fields. Although he denies it on a regular basis, someone in his family tree created some of the greatest cookies ever. He’s the best selling author of Career Renegade. His blog Awake At The Wheel is a great place for information and inspiration, but the other great thing is that he is constantly tweeting out really great links from other places. I seriously want to RT almost every link he sends out. I’ve discovered so many new sites from Jonathan that I would’ve never found on my own.

Well that’s it for this weeks Follow Friday goodness.

Oh yea and there’s me, but you probably already follow me.

Who’s your #FollowFriday picks for this week? Spread the love in the comments for everyone to see.

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Tyler Tervooren
Twitter: @tylertervooren

Thanks for the mention Andy. Very cool. The paternity tests are still out, but I’m not opposed to having a brother.


Andy Fogarty
Twitter: @AndyFogarty

Sure thing Tyler. Will you be visiting me for Thanksgiving or should I come to you?


Jade Craven

I’m not a twitter junkie :-P Its for work. How do you think I find so much awesome stuff? Tsk tsk.

I kinda dislike that title. I’m 23, so OMG is a big part of my vocab. I have to be careful using it in work stuff in case they think I’m talking about my job. My immaturity is being inadvertently censored, haha

Ta, dude :-)
.-= Jade Craven´s last blog ..From The Trenches: Rockin’ Biz Edition =-.


Andy Fogarty
Twitter: @AndyFogarty

Work… Uh.. yea.. that’s why I use Twitter too. Yea, definitely only for work.

Congrats on your new job title no matter what your maturity level is. ;-)


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