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Blog Building For Your Ecommerce Site – Why It’s Different But Not

Ahh… Ecommerce sites and blogs. You’d think that the two would go hand and hand with each other, wouldn’t you?

You would think that for every online store you come across there would be a blog to compliment it and educate you more on the it’s products and their uses and maybe even the industry itself, right?

You would think that with all this crazy web 2.0 stuff we’ve all had drilled into our brains lately that e-commerce site owners would realize the almost super hero powers of having even a simple blog and how they could increase the amount and the quality of sales and customers.

Sadly, that isn’t the case. In fact, this is the most wide spread mistake that I see on a daily basis in the ecommerce world.

The Ugly Truth

There are two main problems with ecommerce sites when it comes to blogs.

  1. They don’t have one.
  2. If they do have one, it’s just a rebroadcast of products and pricing. Maybe there’s some special sales and promotions, but for the most part it’s just terrible sales pitches on a site that’s barely monitored or updated.

Lets dive into #1 for a moment.

Why don’t more online shopping carts have blogs? I’ve found that the majority of the site owners are actually afraid of starting a blog. It took me a while to wrap my head around this one. To me, it just seems natural to have a blog for everything. The way I see it, a blog is like the greatest business card ever, but if you’ve never written anything before, it’s almost too easy to get scared out of doing it. This is normally the case with ecommerce sites.

Now for #2

Here’s the deal folks. Nobody wants to interact with, much less buy anything from, a robot and when your blog is just regurgitating the same product descriptions from your store and bad sales promotions that’s exactly what it sounds like. A robot.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason ecommerce “bloggers” tend to write blog posts differently than anything they would actually ever read themselves. Seriously, would you read a blog that was basically just a sales page attached to a catalogue? NO, of course not, and I guarantee no one else will either.

I can relate though. As a store owner, you spend a LOT of time inside your site tweaking product descriptions, pictures, options, and navigational paths, so it’s almost natural to think in the same manner when it comes to thinking up and writing blog content. I’ve been there, done that, made ZERO impact, felt discouraged, and wanted to quit. Then one day I finally woke up.

A blog is a blog is a blog

Ok, so that’s not totally true, but the same aspects that work for a hugely successful blog about, um… lets say, blogging or copywriting will work for any blog about whatever, which will in time, increase your online sales.

  • Make it human
  • Add some personality
  • Don’t make every post about your products. Talk about related topics and industries – or how to use, or even better, how Joe Blow uses a certain product in a different way. Notice that I said to not make every post “about” your products. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a link to a related product in every post.

Blogging Sucks!

Maybe you just hate the thought of having to come up with new material on a regular basis.

You’re not alone. Lets face it. If you wanted to be a writer when you grew up, you would’ve been a writer, and you’re not a writer. Luckily for you, there’s some really easy ways around that.

  1. You don’t have to have something new everyday or even every other day. Try to add something new at least once a week. Whatever schedule you decide is best for you, stick with it. This will give your audience something to expect on a regular basis. You want to train them to come back when you have something new to show them.
  2. Get someone else to do the writing. No one ever said that it had to be you. The great thing about ecommerce is that you can probably find someone who is willing to work for some cool new stuff. Lets say you sell martial arts equipment. Surely you could find a kid at a local Karate gym and trade him some new gear for some blogging. Not only are you getting someone who’s actively involved in the market to write, but this can also open up a category for product reviews and even video reviews (which by the way, is the awesomesauce on an ecommerce site).
  3. Article sites like Ezine and Isnare or great if you think posting once a week just isn’t going to cut it, but you know there’s no way you can come up with more posts. The important thing to remember, if you use their articles, is to give credit to the author and to leave all links the way they are. Be careful to check the links though. You don’t want to use an article that has a link pointing back to your competitor in the end. If that’s the case, move on and find another article. Here’s a great video that shows you the ethical way to use these articles on your site.

Wash Rinse Repeat

Adding a blog to your ecommerce empire doesn’t have to be complicated. If you just apply these tips, you’ll absolutely be amazed at the boost in traffic and QUALITY sales and customers you’ll start to get in a short amount of time. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Don’t over think it, just do it.

Want Some Help From A Pro?

So now that you know the reasons why you absolutely can’t go another day without a blog, and how you missing out on a butt load of sales and quality lifetime customers, it’s time to get rock’n.

Sure you could probably go figure it out yourself in a quick 2 months or so (That’s how long it took me my first time. Man I wish I knew Laura back then.) or you could go check out what Laura Roeder’s got cook’n. She’s has a killer course called Zero To Website that will get you up and running in no time at all.

I’ve personally gone through several of Laura’s courses and I can tell you that she’s an amazingly down to earth teacher. She has a gift for making newbies and non-techies understand everything. Seriously, once you go through one of her courses, you’ll feel like you just got back from hanging out with a friend.

So if you’re ready to get your blog up the right way and fast, go check out her free video on how to set up a wordpress site in two steps NOW!

Even if you don’t want to watch the video you should still go check out Laura’s blog. She’s just a cool person to know.

Bragging Rites

Here’s your chance to brag about your successes. Have you created a blog for your ecommerce site? If so, have you seen and increase in sales and interaction? This is a great chance for some self promotion! Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.

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